We are an online bakery and we ship nationwide. All of our orders are processed through our website. We are based in New Jersey, please consider that in placing your order. If you place an order on Friday after 5:00 PM EST, it will ship Monday afternoon to ensure that your desserts are delicious and fresh.


Minimum Orders

A minimum order of two dozen is required for our mini cupcakes. You may only order one flavor per dozen. The minimum order for our cake pops is one flavor per half dozen. Our candy is sold by the pound and pre-packaged in our candy tins.



We can customize any order for any occasion. As we say, “you name the flavor and we will make the dessert”. A minimum order is required for customization. Please give us a call for more details about ordering.



We ship our cupcakes frozen. All other desserts are shipped chilled. They are all enjoyed at room temperature. After 24 hours, store all cake products in the refrigerator for up to one week. The gummy candies do not need to be refrigerated.


Gluten-free and Vegan Desserts 

We offer gluten-free and vegan desserts. These desserts are designated with a G/V or G. Please be aware that we do not bake in an allergen-free kitchen. We use wheat (gluten) flour and dairy products. If you suffer from either of these allergies please do not eat our products. We are NOT a nut-free bakery and we offer the same caution as with our gluten and dairy products.



We offer UPS Priority Mail shipping. We ship our products in insulated boxes and packaging to assure a positive customer experience. We offer discounted shipping days as well as customer appreciation days with free shipping throughout the year.