Chocolate Merlot Cupcake

I have heard it said that Merlot wine and chocolate don’t go together!

I beg to differ, and so do my customers, because this is my second-best seller.

Who Knew? I guess I did. 

I love dark chocolate, so I combined my signature dark chocolate cake and a fine bottle of Merlot and I was so pleased that I decided to add it to the menu the dark chocolate buttercream that tops off this cupcake made with a hint of Merlot, to keep it legal, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

And by the way, Dark Chocolate is good for you!

These cupcakes are my guilty pleasure. I can’t just make these for me, so when I get an order, don’t be surprised if there is a little gift inside to thank you for allowing me to treat myself!

Also, all my cupcakes freeze well.

Just tightly cover the inside of plastic clam shell container I ship them in with saran wrap and freeze them.

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