Whiskey Sour Cupcake

A personal favorite, there is nothing like a quality whiskey sour, keep it clean and fresh.  

This is what we have done with this cupcake:

We use top shelf whiskey and fresh lemon juice. The rest comes down to our luscious lemon cake with grated lemon peel in the cake and buttercream frosting icing with a hint of the whiskey in the buttercream frosting, (just to keep it legal) -  but as a whiskey drinker knows, a top shelf whiskey goes a very long way.

We top this cupcake off with a small candied cherry.

Eat this cupcake nice and slow like you’d drink a whiskey on the rocks. Or not.

A great gift for the whiskey drinker, or the person who loves the fresh taste of a homemade cupcake.

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